The Queen is Coming

I once wrote a blog called The Queen is Coming. I used it to talk about the preparations we make domestically when Ramadan approaches.     

This year I am turning to Patreon an online forum that will allow me to share daily with those who are interested to subscribe. I do not do this to make money.  However as I will be posting exclusively for patrons it means I have some guarantee  that I can make and share posts without ANY thought of the Takfiri_Trolls who love to frequent free social media outlet JUST to tell some one they are not Muslim to their liking.  I GET that. I am not THAT kind of Muslim

In these posts during Ramadan–and for the rest of my life–I will share what kind of Muslim I am.  This will cover my spirituality, my spiritual journey from PK preacher’s kid to Buddhist to Muslim to Professor to anarchist.  I will especially take advantage of this uncensored semi-public forum to discuss my ideas about the Sacred with a focus on the Divine feminine the Jamal.  I will address specific topics as they might arise in the news and offer recommendations about way to enhance and develop your own spiritual practices.  

As a once retired but soon to return academic I will post in detail certain theological ideas as they pertain to Islamic thought, new knowledge in Islam and to the tawhidic paradigm as rubric for comprehending and participating in the harmonious and beautiful universe.  I will share personal details about traveling the world over and still feeling restless about the notion of home. Currently, I am living in Indonesia and I want to increase my competence in Bahasa so that a few years from now I can also share content in Bahasa.

I am looking forward to Ramadan now that I have passed my personal 40 day mark in lockdown.  I started after returning from a week in the UK and then ran into the official lockdown so it continued. Now I will experience Ramadan under lockdown and have made preparations accordingly.  For example. I do not think I could keep up the tarawih without an online Imam or Hafiz to lead me.  So I will log on to one of the local websites that offer this.  Otherwise I am going to continue per my annual practices or Qur’an reading, fasting, salah and meditation, the last two were central to my well being during the lockdown.  

Posting daily on this Page with videos about Qur’anic interpretation, spiritual practices, politics and art will allow me to establish both a contribution towards and a benefit from the new social distancing relative to my areas of interest and concern.  

Please keep me in your prayers.  May Allah make Ramadan under COVID19 a truly beautiful transformative for you and yours. Bless the planet with LOVE and light 

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