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Qur'an and Woman

Rereading the Sacred Text from a Woman's Perspective

Inside the Gender Jihad

Women's Reform in Islam (Islam in the Twenty-First Century)

A Jihad for Justice

Honoring the Work and Life of amina wadud

Once in A Lifetime

New book by amina wadud

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The First American Woman Imam Explains the Rise of Islamic Feminism

Since Dr. amina wadud led her first public sermon 25 years ago, Islamic feminism has taken root and sprouted globally.

Talks by amina wadud

Feminist muslim voices

The Making Of The "Lady Imam"

An Interview with amina wadud

Gender, sexuality and identity

An interview with Islamic feminist Dr amina wadud

Islam Belongs to All Its Believers

Interview by Abderrahmane Ammar

amina wadud, portrait of a Muslim feminist

An interview by Azzurra Meringolo

Meet amina wadud: The Rock Star of Islamic Feminists

An interview with Islamic feminist Dr amina wadud