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Re-posting for you

As soon as I think I am going to take a break, I find myself completing commitments made from all over the world about that which is near and dear to my heart.  I may just have a problem saying No!  But as it is near and dear to my heart, I tend not to notice until the experience of this past week to ten days.  

Two essays I wrote came up for final edits for publication, two videos of sessions I led were posted to be shared (like this one, with the Association of Indian Research Scholars) and today I have another virtual forum with a local organizing group.  

This then gives me more opportunities to share my work with this page.  It is public, so once again do feel free to share on other social media platforms. Also, comment and hit LIKE so more traffic will be encouraged in such platforms. 

AIRS first asked me to speak for 90 minutes (YIKES!)  and then have Q & A for half an hour.. I offered an alternative format: I would speak on 4-5 topics for about 15-20 minutes each and then have Q & A allowing me to be more spontaneous but also allowing for a dynamic exchange. I think that format went well.  Let me know if you agree in the comment section below  

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