(New) Friends Along the Way: Karen the Artist

Re-posting for switch to public. So I can share across other platforms. if you missed attending LIVE you can check it out now.

What an honor it was to have my image used for this unusual and amazing artist Karen Fitzgerald.  It takes a few months to finish each piece, of 15 in this series about transformations in knowledge production. I was one of 3 women she chose.  

Not a specialist on Islam, it was really interesting her take on who she understands me to be and what is my role in the growth humanity.  This was a very cool, fun and interesting take for my series Friends Along the Way.  I call it New Friends, thereby allowing me to highlight even folks I do not know as well as the actual friends presented previously.

Plus Art is part of the human expression and participation in the sacred.  

Check it out.  LIKE comment and enjoy!

This is exclusive to all tiers on this page for one week.  Then it will be made public for all to see.   

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