Today is my birthday!!

I am so blessed to live to see this pandemic.  Really. Think about it. I could have returned to Allah as I could still return at any moment.  Instead, I am here, I am alive and I am well, (give or take a few extra pounds from over eating while sedentary*).  So, I am STILL blessed AND we have a pandemic.

I am also fortunate to have enough to eat, a roof over my head and it doesn’t even leak!  I have truly been inspired during this pandemic for a new level of gratitude.  It is amazing how little it take to be the beneficiary of Allah’s infinite barakah.

So, likewise this page has been a blessing FOR ME.  I love having a small community that I can share my love for Islam, for Allah for the Qur’an and the Prophet (SAW) without needing to clarify that my love is NOT LIKE someone else’s versions of the love, of Allah, of the Qur’an and Prophet, of Islam. Such a freedom.

My prayer now, is that WHEN I die, I get to die IN MY love and not batting with haters or Takfiri Trolls.  WHY BOTHER?  

I appreciate your added prayers for me on this day, my solar return.  I started this page with a kind of desperation that conservatives who have more resources would also dominate the social media during the pandemic and especially during Ramadan when I started. So I thought: let me do some small part.  That simple motivation led to this as one of the best things that has happened since the pandemic and yet it does not depend on that. Only the pandemic was what gave me the deep reflection, the motivation and the impetus to get it started.  

I have been working with a tech person to FINE TUNE all of my technology and expect even more good things to come.  I wish to THANK each and every one of you who are supporting me in this page.  Thank you for your patience while I try out new equipment and new formats.  

Thank you for supporting my sharing of my Friends Along the Way (this week will be one of the most important of these, IMHO, so I hope to see you there in the gallery.)  I hold these at THE MOST inconvenient time on my end 10 pm! BECAUSE of you. I defer to the only way I can keep it globally accessible.  So do join and continue your support.  

Fortunately, because I have everything that I need and at the moment that I want, my only wish for this day besides asking my children for updated photos of themselves and their children, my grandchildren, as i see my wall collection is a bit dated and the little ones grow SO FAST.  

The only other thing I could wish for is prayers for good outcomes in a personal challenge I started yesterday and will hopefully keep for one month regarding my physical health.  Please pray for my success AND actually add your prayers for my well being.  I can always use this.  one day I will write you a blog about HOW it is that i do believe in the power of prayer  

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